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Season: 1

EPISODE 1: bernie kerik
October 2020

40th Police Commissioner of New York City, 9-11 Hero, and NY Times, and Best Selling Author, Bernard Kerik gives a stellar interview discussing the 2020 Presidential Election and Current Events. Mr. Kerik offers fascinating insight whch the public doesn't often hear. He discusses a myriad of subjects including how Marxism got a stronghold on NYC through Black Lives Matter; Police training to decrease manly force; how the consequences of defunding of the police in NYC, and its nationwide trickle effect, and much more! 

Van Taylor / Mel Coffman Show

November 2020

Marine Corps Veteran, Harvard Graduate and 2nd Term Congressman for Texas 3rd District, Van Taylor delivers an all-engaging discussion about the workings of Congress. He gives honest answers concerning the current Presidential election; why conservative fiscal policies work; stimulus package anmore. The great thing about this interview is when it is over one feels as if they have established a solid introduction to who Rep.Van Taylor. 

Episode 3: Juanita Broaddrick

Juanita Broaddrick/Mel Coffman Show

June 2021

Book Author, Public Speaker and a great American Citizen tells all about being launched into the public spotlight amidst a national scandal including President-to-be, Bill Clinton.  Broaddrick is a very likeable person with a highly believable story.  Watch to find out who the real Juanita Broaddick is as she takes the audience from her childhood growing up in Van Buren, Arkansa to public scandal to personal tragedies and finally, vindication through the Trump Presidential Candidacy. 

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Mel Coffman is a new face presenting unbiased content with a fresh perspective.  What sets her apart is that she is a straight-shooter with a great sense of humor.  Mel is a methodical and thorough researcher whose goal is to objectively present facts to her audience.   Tune in for great shows where Mel will bring forth fresh, new ideas and views with exciting and prominent local and national guests. She is able to address difficult topics and different ideologies with a fun twist. She welcomes hearing what others have to say and think concerning their opinions.  

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