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Hello and welcome to the Mel Coffman Show! It is wonderful to have you here. The purpose of this show is for all of us to take a journey together by listening to Conservative ideas with a fresh perspective and objectivity. The idea for this show has been 25 years in the making to find that perfect niche to express what I have always wanted to do and that is to share my voice with the masses. By encouraging each guest to speak freely- this allows the audience to have the optimal viewing  experience.

                                                           - Mel



Bernard kerik: 40th Police commissioner of nyc, 911 hero


Rep. van Taylor: Congressman Texas 3rd District

Mel Coffman taping Episode 1

Mel behind the scenes


Mel in office.jpg

ing A 1

A Day tn the office

Juanita and Mel in studio.png

Juanita Broaddick

Juanita at restaurant.jpg

Dinner with Juanita Broaddrick and contance Rodriguez

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